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niketown tie-dye workshop 




15 & 16 december 2022


oxford st, london


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for our 2nd and 3rd residency at niketown, I wrapped up 2022 with another creative workshop in collaboration with nike 🥂🌟

on the 15th and 16th of december, I hosted two sold out tie-dyeing workshops at nike's london flagship store where I assisted 40 nike members to create their own unique tie-dyed tees and socks. my t-shirt designs were also featured throughout the week for members to draw inspiration from and to showcase our brand.



promoting the exclusive and limited edition tie-dye kit by nike x rit

more photos of our workshop...
Sophie Lam workshop 22-min.jpg
Sophie Lam workshop 16-min-min.jpg
Sophie Lam workshop 46-min.jpg
Sophie Lam workshop 32-min.jpg
Sophie Lam workshop 35-min.jpg
Sophie Lam workshop 48-min.jpg
Sophie Lam workshop 33-min.jpg
Sophie Lam workshop 47-min.jpg
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