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social media, content creation & marketing 


tiktok, instagram


content creation including filming and editing,

scheduling and planning content


  • Instagram
  • TikTok


3+ years

I built the brand ss.lam using engaging platforms such as instagram and tiktok, where our audience grew organically without paid promotions. through the use of different social media channels, ss.lam became a brand known globally with thousands of international customers and a growing following of 150k+ collectively. 

since starting ss.lam, I have use social media as a key to build a community and to share my work with the art industry. whilst doing this, I actively connect with creatives alike and work on projects for other brands who are looking to commission me/ss.lam for promotional campaigns.

instagram feed

after the launch of my business, I began an Instagram page where I grew a following of over 85,000 in less than two years. in the early stages, I developed a marketing strategy with a goal of attaining customers organically (without the use of paid ads/promotions), where the focus was emphasised on reels and video-like content.


through analysing trends and using relevant hashtags, I produced multiple viral Instagram reels - some of which gained over 5 million views in a matter of days. I posted consistently and grew my brand's visibility online which lead to being recognised by major brands in the streetwear/sneaker industry, such as Nike and Klekt whom I later worked with on collaborative campaigns.

ig feed


reels feed


example caption


viral post

campaigns for other brands

when commissioned to create content for other brands, I imitate their tone of voice to produce posts which are consistent to their branding. from the filmography, choice of colours/fonts, choice in audio and eventually the post caption, the content should embody the brand's mission whilst still staying authentic to ss.lam's method of story telling.


below are examples of tiktoks & ig reels that were curated and posted on ss.lam's social media channels. the same videos were also reposted on the brand's individual pages, promoting their campaigns.

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